Ground floor unit at THE HACIENDA sold at $3.17 million

Ground floor unit at THE HACIENDA sold at $3.17 million

The residential resale market continues to pick up pace.

On 11th Aug, a ground floor unit at the freehold The Hacienda was sold at S$3.17 million (S$982 psf), the biggest gain for non-landed for this week update of REALIS caveats. The 3,229 sq ft unit was bought in May 2006 at S$1.5 million (S$465 psf). After factoring buyers’ stamp duty, the seller made a tidy sum of S$1.63 million which translates into a 105.9% or annuallised 6.6% over a 11.2-year holding period.

The sale was a near new high by quantum at the project, crossing the S$3 million mark for the first time since 2008, when another similar 3,229 sq ft on the ground floor was transacted at S$3.18 million (S$985 psf) in June that year.

Over at Holt Road, a 2,056 sq ft 6th floor unit at the 46-unit Holt Residences was sold at S$3 million (S$1,459 psf) on 18th August, netting the seller a cool S$1.3 million profit after factoring buyers’ stamp duty. He had owned the property for almost 11 and a half year, having purchased it at S$1.64 million (S$798 psf) in March 2006.

Another noticeable profitable transaction was for a 29th floor unit at the freehold 234-unit Twin Regency. The seller made S$1.31 million, after factoring buyers’ stamp duty, when he sold the 1,776 sq ft unit at S$2.58 million (S$1,453 psf) on 17th August. He had purchased the unit at launch from UOL in June 2004 at S$1.237 million (S$696 psf), translating into a 103.4% gain or annualised 5.6% over a 13.1-year holding period.

The highest annualised gain, from the week data, was for a 4th floor unit at Kilat Centre. The seller sold his 1,259 sq ft apartment for S$1.15 million on 14th August, which translates into a whopping 179.3% gain or annualised 10.1% over a 10.6-year holding period. He bought the unit for only S$405,000 (SS$322 psf) back in December 2006.

After holding on for a decade, the seller of a 5,673 sq ft unit at The Edge on Cairnhill suffered almost S$2.5 million loss when he sold it at S$7.28 million ($1,283 psf) on 15th August.

On 18th August, a seller took a S$1.84 million loss when he sold his 3,950 sq ft unit on the 12th floor at Volari for S$5.7 million (S$1,443 psf) after factoring buyers’ stamp duty. The developer has sold him the unit at S$7.33 million (S$1,856 psf) in November 2009.

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Computed based on URA REALIS caveat data as at 25th August 2017.

1) The gain/loss computation includes costs such as Buyers’ Stamp Duty (3%) & Sellers’ Stamp Duty (depending on holding period).

2) For landed properties, the gain/loss computation excludes construction costs and additions & alternations works.

3) Weekly URA REALIS caveat data updates do include caveats lodged over a period of few months.

+  Sellers’ Stamp Duty of 4% – Holding period of more than 3 years and up to 4 years     
++ Sellers’ Stamp Duty of 8% – Holding period of more than 2 years and up to 3 years 
+++ Sellers’ Stamp Duty of 16% – Up to 1 year 


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